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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Orlando Cabrera is a moron

In today's Los Angeles Times (registration required), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim shortstop Orlando Cabrera ripped into Yankee fans.

"They don't appreciate good baseball," he said. "They just appreciate the Yankees beating up on everybody."

I'm sorry, but what is wrong with appreciating winning? Baseball is based on winning. This reminds me of a famous Ruben Sierra (pictured) quote: "All they (the Yankees) care about is winning." This was said during his first stint with the team.

Cabrera continues to put his foot in his mouth: "In Boston, they admire baseball," he said. "In Anaheim, those fans are some of the best in baseball. They know you care there. They know you can't do it every day. I appreciate that. These people here, they're mean. And they're really mean to the other team."

Nice loser mentality there, Orlando. Fans should expect perfection. I don't know how this makes Yankee fans not appreciate good baseball. When the other team beats your team, are you supposed to be happy that you witnessed a good game? Maybe that works in Kansas City, but it certainly does not work in New York. One pays good money to attend games and watch his or her team win. Anything short of a victory is unacceptable.

I'm sure in Boston, Red Sox fans are "mean" to the other team, especially the Yankees and their fans. This is part of being a fan. In Los Angeles, fans arrive late and leave early. They need thundersticks to generate crowd noise. I'm sure they aren't as knowledgeable as fans in New York or Boston.

Thanks, Orlando, for making me even prouder to be a Yankee fan.

Thanks to Yanks473 at The Yankee Zone for originally posting this article


Raymond said...

You're an idiot.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Hey Ray

Mattingly23 said...

Hey OC, how about this one, courtesy of Newsday:

"The reactions of others put his parents in anguish. Laura recalled one particularly cruel afternoon, when her husband was on deck at Fenway Park and a fan called out that Posada's son 'looked like he was retarded.'"

Do you still think Boston fans are a lot classier than New York fans? That fan should have had a can of whoop ass opened on him by Bobby Boucher.

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