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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Schilling to the disabled list

Red Sox starter Curt Schilling has been placed on the disabled list.

Curt Schilling's right shoulder was normal, according to an MRI exam, but the Boston Red Sox right-hander will be put on the disabled list following a cortisone shot.

Schilling will miss at least two starts after he is put on the DL on Friday, retroactive to Tuesday.

The 40-year-old right-hander was sent back to Boston from Atlanta on Tuesday for an exam after he got roughed up in his last two starts.

"I have not felt right this year," Schilling told WEEI-AM earlier Wednesday, adding he believes the problem may be tendinitis.

"Pain is a relative term. There's been a lot of this year trying to discern what's because I'm 40 or what's because I don't feel good," he said (source).

Schilling is 0-1 with a 7.00 ERA against the Yankees in three starts this season. He has given up 14 earned runs and six home runs in 18 innings. He will be missed.


Andrea said...

I love that he's on the DL. The MRI says nothing's wrong. But he must be broken in some way. It can't be that he's old and out of shape.

I hope he comes back in time to pitch to the Yankees. I really like when he pitches!

Andrew Fletcher said...

I think it's just a way to give a reason for his awful pitching.

Andrea said...

I'm with you. Why won't someone just say "Curt, go to the gym."?

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