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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Scott Proctor: pyromaniac

Scott Proctor lit a fire following another disappointing outing Saturday afternoon.

His temper already smoldering, Scott Proctor set off an inferno near the Yankee Stadium infield following Saturday's 7-0 loss to the A's, torching various items of his equipment in a smoky blaze.

Perhaps the hot-tempered Proctor hoped to excise some of his recent struggles, lighting a small bonfire a few feet from the top step of the Yankees dugout. He then watched from the railing for several minutes as the contents grew charred and unrecognizable.

Saturday marked the latest of Proctor's continuing struggles, and that of the entire Yankees club as a whole. New York managed just one hit in the defeat, which featured Proctor allowing three runs -- including a two-run double to Nick Swisher -- in one-third of an inning of relief behind starter Kei Igawa, leaving the field to boos.

"I'm just throwing like [junk]," Proctor said after the game in an expletive-laced rant. "I can't expect to throw the ball over the middle and expect to get an out of it" (source).
I still have faith in Proctor. I think his problems can be attributed to his overwork these last two weeks. Between June 21 and June 23, he pitched 5 1-3 innings, throwing 86 pitches. That is simply ridiculous.

I think it's about time for him to throw at someone to get a four-game suspension so he can get some rest.


Anonymous said...

Next thing to go in the fire is Scott Proctor himself! I don't care for the Yankees personally, but his meltdowns makes me feel bad for them, so his "disappearance" would be well recieved.

Anonymous said...

ALL of Proctor's "problems" are off the field. This is just the first time they have started to affect his play on the field.
He is having BIG time trouble in his marriage:everyone already knows about his affair which resulted in an illegit son. Say what you want about the guy but he's got some serious issues to deal with before he can even think about throwing strikes! Send him down to Scranton and let him get straightened out. He's got a great arm but at this point, all his antics are almost like he's begging for help! Either that or he's just a wackadoodle.

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