"Now, what is this site about, how Joe Torre ruined pitchers' arms? Is that it?"
-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where is the offense?

One run in Coors Field against Josh Fogg? Are you kidding me?

The Yankees scored 41 runs the last time they were in Colorado, and this was before they had Alex Rodriguez.


Andrea said...

Kay won't shut up about the humidor--maybe that has something to do with it? I don't seem to remember there being 20 home runs per game, though.

Andrew Fletcher said...

You would think they would be able to at least get a couple of more hits off Fogg. This is a little ridiculous.

Andrea said...

Yeah. That ump isn't really helping them out either.

I feel like this game would be less dull if someone other than Ken Singleton were co-announcing. How did he even get this gig, anyway? He was never a Yankee. Al Leiter is a boring man, but at least he was once in pinstripes, and once in a while gets passionate about some things.

It would also be less dull if someone would hit the damn ball.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I don't mind Singleton. I wish Paul O'Neill did more games though. He's the best, especially when he rips on Kay.

Andrea said...

Singleton's not bad--he is certainly no Tim McCarver. He's just moderately boring. And his voice just kind of lulls me to sleep.

I like O'Neill too. What I like most about the former Yankees they get to do commentary is that, unlike freaking Ron Darling and my personal nemesis, Keith Hernandez, they don't spend the entire broadcast talking about themselves and how good they were. I think some of the best commentary came from Kay with O'Neill and Bobby Murcer. Michael Kay has Bobby Murcer on such a pedestal that he wouldn't dare talk back to him. When Joe Girardi is around Paul O'Neill, he rips on Michael Kay a lot too now.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I'm Keith Hernandez

He's so ridiculous that he's funny.

Andrea said...

I guess I should start looking at it like that. I have a friend who's a huge Mets fan, so I watch a bunch of games with her (typically when the Yankees have off or when they play at different times. Beats watching the Braves on TBS). Keith Hernandez just makes me want to harm someone.

And you cannot possibly be Keith Hernandez. You haven't once mentioned your 11 gold gloves or 87 all-star games.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Haha, I guess you don't watch Seinfeld. Hernandez was once on it and he said that line to himself in his head. It was so funny.

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