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Friday, July 27, 2007

Game preview: Continuation of the 6/28/07 suspended game

It is finally July 27, which means it's time to complete the suspended game from June 28.

When we last left you, the Yankees scored four runs in the top of the eighth to retake an 8-6 lead over the Baltimore Orioles. This was after the Orioles scored four runs in the bottom of the seventh to take the lead.

There was a brief rain delay in the seventh. Play resumed and the Yankees began their eighth inning rally. After Derek Jeter drove in two runs to break the 6-6 tie, play was stopped. Melvin Mora was then ejected for arguing. The Orioles were upset that the umpires waited too long to call the game.

Play was eventually suspended. The stats from the game counted and play is set to resume tonight. Hideki Matsui will be batting with two outs when the game resumes.

However, according to Peter Abraham, it is raining in Baltimore right now. It's rather fitting.

Tonight's scheduled game is set to begin 20 minutes after the completion of the suspended game.


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