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Friday, July 6, 2007

The most important thing in my life isn't baseball

Andy Pettite said, “The most important thing in my life isn’t baseball. I was born with a gift-I was pretty good at throwing a baseball. Eventually, I was even fortunate enough to perform at the top of my sport. But as satisfying as that has been, the greatest gift in my life has been my personal relationship with God” (source).
Guess so. Following an eight-inning, one-run masterpiece against the Arizona Diamondbacks on June 14, Pettitte has given up six or more runs in three of his last four starts.

Against the Oakland Athletics, Pettitte gave up seven earned runs in 1 2-3 innings pitched. Tonight against the Los Angeles Angels, he gave up eight earned runs in five innings pitched. His ERA now stands at 4.25, whereas it was at 2.93 after June 14.

But, hey, at least he has God!

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jerry McCock said...

shut up

Andrea said...

Dude seriously. You must have made someone really angry.

I love this Andy Pettitte ad, and there's also one out there with Roger Clemens endorsing some kind of pitching helper mechanism. They are obviously in "uniform," but neither has the interlocking NY anywhere on them. I don't know why that's so funny to me.

What's going on with Andy Pettitte anyway? I've been in France the past couple weeks so I haven't been able to watch, but when I look at recaps or see game day or something, I keep thinking there's a mistake. Is he really pitching that poorly or are the balls just finding holes or something?

Andrew Fletcher said...

Yeah, I find that pretty funny too.

He gave up a lot of bombs against Oakland and he couldn't hold any of the leads the Yankees gave him last night. I was surprised they won.

It's probably just something he needs to get out of his system. He wasn't going to pitch with an ERA below 3.00 all season long.

Andrea said...

True enough. But he had 2 pretty terrible starts in the beginning of the season too. His first start back was very bad, and then the one start in NY against the Red Sox where he had a really terrible inning, walking in the tying run and throwing a wild pitch allowing the go ahead run to score. Though I love him dearly, I was beginning to think maybe he couldn't hack it in the AL East. Then he fortunately proved me wrong and showed that I was right all along--Andy Pettitte is a Yankee who went on a 3 year family vacation to Houston.

Hopefully the break does him good, though according to Pete Abe, he'll be pitching in Tampa on 5 days rest, so it doesn't seem like much of a "rest."

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