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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Save Scott Proctor again

From the New York Post:

Earlier this week the Devil Rays believed it would take more than Scott Proctor for the Yankees to pry utility man Ty Wigginton away from them. Now, according to multiple sources, the Devil Rays would make the trade. And though it's not clear if the Yankees have made an offer, they have been talking to the Devil Rays and have discussed converting stud prospect Joba Chamberlain from Double-A starter to big-league reliever to take Proctor's place.

"They don't want anything else of significance," a source said of the Devil Rays' plans. "They are ready to make the deal" (source).

Wigginton is a good player, but Proctor is too valuable in the bullpen to be traded for a position player. While he has been struggling lately, he provides this team innings out of the bullpen, which is something not many of them can say.

Also, I feel that promoting Chamberlain to the Majors right away to be a set-up man would severely inhibit his development.

Replacing Proctor for Chamberlain has the potential to be disastrous.


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