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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cashman lays down the hammer

Get ready for more stories like this over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Brian Cashman said again today that if Alex Rodriguez opts out of his deal, the Yankees wold not pursue him. He was adamant about that. The only way Alex stays is to play under his current deal or accept an extension.

Cashman said the Yankees would consider it a deal-breaker if A-Rod forces them to forfeit the money they would get from Texas. “That would not be prudent of him,” Cashman said. (LoHud Yankees Blog)

The Yankees have until 10 days after the completion of the World Series to negotiate with Rodriguez.


Anonymous said...

I love Arod

John102355 said...

I like ARod. He's a great player and just seems to be getting used to the fishbowl of playing in NYC. Remember, it took Clemons 3 years to aclimate the NY also.

I hope that ARod realizes that his legacy in baseball will be much more important if he does it as a Yankee, as oppposed to an Angel or a Cub.

But, if ARod goes, then he goes. Cashman will pick up another Broius for 3B and they can spend their money on other players and further development of the farm system. Some experts say that the Yankee farm system is so good that its scary!!!

2008 is a big year. Last year in the Stadium. I think that Mariano, Jorge and ARod will want to be around for the new Yankee Stadium.

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