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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cashman stands his ground

Brian Cashman said, with the backing of ownership, that the Yankees would not pursue Alex Rodriguez as a free agent if he opts out of his contract.

Cashman has been saying that for eight months. But now it’s with the support of the Steinbrenner family. (LoHud Yankees Blog)

Scott Boras will soon notice that he won't be able to get what he's asking for from any team. It's good to see that the Yankees won't be fooled by the games Boras and Rodriguez will try to play this offseason.


Pinstripe_Mike said...

You are so right. If "A" was smart, he'd opt IN.

Check my blog for my opinion of the ARod decision

John102355 said...

Joe Torre just landed in Tampa with Cashman. Is that to sign a new deal?

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