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Monday, October 1, 2007

Clemens on the road to recovery

Roger Clemens worked out at the Stadium today, furthering the idea that he'll be ready enough to pitch Game 3 on Sunday.

With Yankees vice president of player personnel and pitching guru Billy Connors watching, Clemens began the session by long-tossing across the outfield for seven minutes with Yankees Minor League pitching coach Gil Patterson. Clemens unleashed 43 throws of varying distances, tossing up to 200 feet.

Clemens then stepped into the bullpen and threw 49 pitches in 14 minutes. With temperatures in the mid-80s, he finished the on-field portion of his workout by fielding 25 ground balls. Clemens left the complex 45 minutes later without speaking to reporters, driving out of the parking lot.

Clemens, 45, was scratched from his scheduled start against the Devil Rays last Tuesday because his left hamstring was not strong enough to hold up to pitching in a Major League game, especially covering bases on ground balls. (Source)

I will be at Game 3. Hopefully he doesn't disappoint.


Joba said...

Great blog you got here.

I'll be at Game 3, too. Waaay out in Sec. 36...and I know exactly what you mean about Clemens. If he can pitch the way he did in his Red Sox game at the Stadium during the August sweep, then great. But if he's not up for it, then Joe should just not use him.

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