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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Clemens pitches in simulated game

From Peter Abraham:

Just spoke to Mike Dougherty of The Journal News, who is covering the Yankees in the Bronx today. Roger Clemens threw 69 pitches in a simulated game in Tampa today, facing minor leaguers.

Assuming his left hamstring feels fine today when he gets to Cleveland, Clemens will start Game 3 in New York on Sunday. (LoHud Yankees Blog)

If Clemens is feeling anything less than 100%, I don't want him out there. I don't want another repeat of the 2003 World Series with David Wells.

These games need to start already. The four-day layoff is adding too much suspense.


Outofthebullpen said...

Now, wait a minute!

I'm with you to a point.... If Clemens is going to load the bases, let's pull him NOW.

But that's not what Wells did in 2003, unless my mind is growing holes faster than a golf course with moles. (And that could be.) Wasn't that the year he pitched a great first inning and pulled himself out without damaging the score? (We needn't talk about the bullpen. Sigh, where was Igawa when we needed him....)

Actually, I was hoping Daddy George would bring Boomer back so he and Clem could each pitch half a game each. Or, David could use his rubber arm and push off Roger's legendary legs.

But seriously, I miss Wells, don't you? He's come full circle for me, though. I grew up in LA, and the Dodgers were my team. I never knew from Brooklyn, as they say out here. It's been fun to watch Wells, Proctor, and Loaiza reconstitute the Yankee rotation out there. I had LoCal hopes for "Esty, as they call him." (That's a direct quote from Vin Scully.) He had 2 fabulous games coming off a long DL stint -- one on the A's and his first on the Dodger's -- then thud.

I like your blog, by the way. Great title, too.

For a long time I thought Joe and Mel were screwing Proctor up by using him for relief. He seemed like a starter because of the pace and pattern of his pitches (and outs, and/or lack thereof!) And I saw a game he started, and he was great. Then he had that terrible emergency with his daughter's heart, missing some time early one season a year or 2 ago, and he came back on fire. 'Til recently. Curious about your perspective is on him as a starter -- sorry if you've written about it and I've missed it. You could just direct me to a date if you feel like answering at all.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Yes, he had a solid first inning, but then he had to leave unexpectedly and Contreras had to relieve him.

If Clemens isn't 100%, I want him ready to start and not have to come out of the bullpen if Clemens has to leave due to injury.

DMan said...

Yah this new post season schedule is leaving a lot more off days for everyteam. And with that comes more time to argue and debate, and to be nervous or excited..

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