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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hoffman's partying like it's 1998

What an amazing game tonight.

In the National League Wild Card play-in game, the San Diego Padres took an 8-6 lead in the 13th inning. In the bottom half of the frame, Trevor Hoffman gave up three runs to lose the game and end San Diego's playoff hopes.

Hoffman once again choked in a big spot.

Scott Brosius homered off of Hoffman in Game 3 of the 1998 World Series to win the game.

If anyone is wondering who is a better closer this generation - Mariano Rivera or Hoffman - this should give one a concrete answer.


Yakyuu Shonen said...

I think Rivera is the best closer of his generation, but not because of Hoffman's couple of mistakes... Anyone can mess up here and there, even Rivera has come up short in the World Series. I guess it's not Hoffman's fault that his team doesn't have more postseason chances for him to shine (actually, as far as yesterday's game, perhaps it is his fault in part). Ultimately, though, a check of each players stats reveals some impressive stuff by Rivera (who pitches in a place more suitable for hitters). Overall Rivera's postseason-stats outshine even his Hall of Fame regular-season stats.

So I agree that Rivera is the most dominant closer, but I don't hold a couple of games against Hoffman. For that matter, I don't hold a couple of less-than-stellar postseason outings against the best slugger of the decade, though A-Rod is bound to do well soon.

Andrew V. said...


Charles L. Wallace said...

Trev was good in his heyday but at least for me, did not have some mystical aura where ya KNEW when he came in, the game was over. Mo had it, and Goose, Eck and Gagne. Maybe it's just perception, and mine might differ from that of others, but it was the feeling I'd get. Who would I rather see coming in to save the day, Mo or Hoffman? Mo, certainly [it somewhat evokes reminders of preferring Goose over, say, Quisenberry].

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