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Monday, October 22, 2007

Interviews to begin today

From Newsday:

The Yankees will interview their first three managerial candidates in quick succession, beginning Monday in Tampa, Fla., with Joe Girardi and continuing with Don Mattingly Tuesday and Tony Peña on Wednesday.

Those are the only three candidates whom general manager Brian Cashman has contacted, but he expects to add candidates in the days to come. Cashman, club president Randy Levine and some member(s) of the Steinbrenner family (owner George and/or sons Hank and Hal) are expected to be a part of the interview process. (Newsday)
Peter Abraham had a good article about Pena and how he has support from team executives. He doesn't seem to get as much play as Mattingly and Girardi get.

Of these three candidates, Girardi is my first choice. The team is headed in a younger direction and Girardi won the 2006 National League Manager of the Year award with the young Florida Marlins.

I think hiring the unproven commodity in Mattingly would be the wrong decision the team could make following Joe Torre. Torre will be a tough act to follow and I don't think that would be fair to Mattingly. However, he wouldn't have become hitting coach in 2004 if he didn't have thoughts about managing some day.

The Yankees should carefully examine each of the candidates and not rush to any decisions.


Andrea said...

I'm with you. I'd want Girardi. For a while, I couldn't really figure out why I'd want Girardi over Mattingly, but I think you figured it out.

Poor Tony Pena. I'm sure he'd be a great manager, but I think we've all had too much time to decide if we're on Team Girardi or Team Mattingly to be on Team Pena.

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