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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Latest from MLB Trade Rumors

For starters, the Yanks are expected to make "eye-popping" offers to retain Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera before the World Series ends. The team does not want the pair to file for free agency.

Additionally, the Yankees may make a big play for Aaron Rowand. They believe a package of Melky Cabrera, Chien-Ming Wang, and Ian Kennedy would entice the Twins for Johan Santana. That's a huge price, but doesn't seem out of line to me for the best pitcher in baseball. (MLB Trade Rumors)

It is not surprising that the Yankees want to make "eye-popping" offers to Posada and Rivera. The Torre debacle has rubbed many fans the wrong way and losing Rivera and/or Posada would send many Yankee fans through the roof.

I don't know how I feel about the Santana rumor. He will be a free agent after next season and that is a steep price to pay for him. It may just be worth making a run at him next offseason instead of giving up Cabrera, Wang and Kennedy.

Again, these are just rumors. I don't know how reputable they are.


Rebecca said...

I can't see the Yanks giving up both Ian Kennedy AND MMelky Cabrera.

Not when Santana's a FA after 08.

Anonymous said...

To trade Melky and Kennedy would be idiotic for a Free Agent to be. Make a run for Santana after 2008. We've seen Cashman get deals like it done before.

Anonymous said...
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Omar Cruz said...
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Anonymous said...
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dystoncarm said...

I would trade Wang and Melky for Santana in a heartbeat as long as I was sure of signing him as a free agent at the end of 08. Than I would sign either Rowand or Tory Hunter. If the Yankees could then get lucky and sign Lowell the Yankees would have a solid contending club in 08 providing they resign Posada, Rivera and Pettite.
On the other hand the yankees could be patient and continue their youth movement and sign Santana and Texicera the first basemen from Atlanta at the end of the of 08. The lure of a new ballpark would help sign them

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