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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Caldera: Rivera coming back

From Pete Caldera:

Mariano Rivera has agreed to accept the Yankees' three-year, $45 million offer, according to a friend who spoke with Mo today.

Last night, Rivera returned from giving baseball clinics in the Dominican Republic. He told the friend that he intended to sign when he returned, but that Hank Steinbrenner's comments about his age might have caused some hard feelings that led to a week of speculation about Rivera's pinstriped future.

Either way, Rivera would have returned to the Yankees. "He would have taken two years and an option,'' the firend said, adding that Rivera did not really want a fourth year. Perhaps that was meant to make the Yankees uncomfortable for Steinbrenner's remarks about his age. (Pinstripe Posts)

That whole bit about the two years and an option is interesting. That was my ideal contract for Rivera.

If the Yankees negotiated with Jorge Posada and Rivera during Spring Training, maybe they could have gotten cheaper and shorter deals for both players.

Whatever the case, the Yankees retained both of their major free agents and Alex Rodriguez. Things are really looking up all of a sudden.


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