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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Girardi feels it's important for Pettitte to come back

Newsday reported that manager Joe Girardi spoke to Andy Pettitte last week and hopes to speak with him again after Thanksgiving. Girardi feels that it's too early to tell where Pettitte's mind is.

From Kat O'Brien:

"I think it's very important that he comes back," Girardi said. "I think that he knows the Yankee way, and he was a big plus in the clubhouse, as well as on the field. I know what Andy Pettitte's all about, and I would love to have him back." (Newsday)
It is indeed important that he comes back. The rotation next year, as it stands now, will be very young. It is hard to trust Mike Mussina and Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy are all rookies. The only "sure thing" is Chien-Ming Wang, and he was awful in the playoffs last year. Pettitte has shown no signs of injury and he can stabilize the rotation.

That said, I love Girardi's hands-on approach. He has already traveled to the Dominican Republic to view the young talent and has spoken with Mariano Rivera, which aided in his return to pinstripes. The decision to hire Girardi is looking better and better each day.

Meanwhile, Steve over at Was Watching has introduced Project P46. The idea is to get a mass number of Yankee fans to contact Pettitte and tell him how much he is needed in 2008. It's not a bad idea and it can't hurt, either.


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