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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jay Crawford: Skip Bayless is bizarre

This is rather off-topic, but this was too good not to share.

Jay Crawford
(right), host of ESPN's First Take, spoke to one of my classes this evening and had a lot of interesting things to say.

His thoughts on Skip Bayless (left), the annoying sports devil's advocate, were especially intriguing. He gave us some insight on Bayless' social life.

At staff parties celebrating the show's anniversary, Bayless would often lock himself in a room by himself and watch games instead of hanging out with his co-workers, according to Crawford.

Also, if Bayless came across a great game, he would TiVo it and watch the game, play-by-play, the next day.

Apparently Bayless isn't all that he seems on television. According to Crawford, Bayless is shy and quiet in person - not his table-banging self. However, he does believe everything he says, no matter how nonsensical it is.


John102355 said...

As usual you're right on top of things Andrew. I thought that Jay did a fantastic job in class. What a surreal experience to hear his voice coming from across the room instead of from my TV!

He also seems like a truely nice guy.

Andrew Fletcher said...

He was great to listen to and I'm glad he was able to come and talk to us.

Andrew V. said...

deadspin baby!

Mantlemurcer said...

Deadspin pick up..nice going Jr! Bayless is still a jack ass.

A Silence Production said...

how does bayless still have a job?

Anonymous said...

Nice job Fletch, having your post put on deadspin is huge!

Anonymous said...

How does Bayless still have a job? The same way Lou Holtz, Dukey V, Stephen A. Smith, E. Smith, and all the other talking head morons have a job:

They get people to talk about the network. Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Funney said...
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