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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rivera in search of more money?

Mariano Rivera's three-year, $45 million offer wasn't enough?

From Pete Caldera:

But a three-year, $45 million offer is so far unacceptable to the Rivera camp, which is said to be seeking $50 million for the closer's last long-term contract. Rivera turns 38 later this month, and he'd be 41 in the final year of his deal.

According to a person familiar with the contract discussions, Rivera is not seeking a fourth year, but a three-year deal worth north of $16 million annually. And for what Rivera brings to the table, it could be argued that he settled below market value in previous contracts. (The Record)
I thought the original three-year, $40 million offer was a great deal which should've been taken immediately. After paying Jorge Posada $13.1 million per year in this new contract, the Yankees felt they should bump up Rivera's offer $5 million. That's fine.

But to want $50 million over three years at the age of 38? I understand you're mad at the Yankees for not negotiating during Spring Training, Mariano, but to demand this kind of money is absurd.


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