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Friday, December 28, 2007

Hawkins doesn't care about steroid use

LaTroy Hawkins officially joined the Yankees yesterday. Today, he spoke candidly about drug use in baseball.

From Neil Best's Watchdog blog:

Host Jason Page: “You’re stepping into this Yankee fray. It’s going to be kind of an awkward time. You know in the pre-season especially there are going to be all the questions about what Roger Clemens did, Andy Pettitte did and all that stuff. How do you kind of side-step that stuff when the media comes to you on it?”

LaTroy Hawkins: “It’s not any of my business. First of all the thing is I don’t care. Only person cared about that was [Commissioner Bud] Selig. I don’t care about it. That’s just my own personal opinion.”

Page: “You don’t care if hitters are juicing up?”

Hawkins: “No, I don’t. That’s just my personal opinion. Still got to hit the ball, brother.”
I obviously disagree with Hawkins' thoughts.

Hawkins shares the opinion of many other spectators - they don't care as long as their team wins. This apathy is what led to the rampant drug use. As flawed as the Mitchell Report was, hopefully some of the recommendations are put in place to finally put an end to this negative side of baseball.


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