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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rodriguez on 60 Minutes

Alex Rodriguez appeared on CBS' 60 Minutes tonight.

The text of the interview can be found here.

Some highlights:

"You never felt like, 'This guy's doing it, maybe I should look into this, too? He's getting better numbers, playing better ball,'" Couric asked.

"I've never felt overmatched on the baseball field. I've always been a very strong, dominant position. And I felt that if I did my work as I've done since I was, you know, a rookie back in Seattle, I didn't have a problem competing at any level. So, no," he replied.

But the Mitchell Report named names, including at least 16 current and former Yankees, like superstars Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens.

What's Rodriguez's reaction to this investigation?

"Katie, you're putting me in a tough spot. I mean, these are guys that I play with. They're my teammates. If anything comes of this, I will be extremely disappointed. And it will be a huge black eye on the game of baseball," he told Couric.


"Why haven't you done better in the post-season?" Couric asked.

"I've stunk," Rodriguez admitted. "You know? I've done very poorly. And that's not acceptable." (CBS News)
He didn't really say that much and he used more of his manufactured answers so as not to bother any one side. He always seems to come off as fake when he speaks to the media.


Anonymous said...

That is because he is fake...and useless.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Of all the people at CBS, they chose Clueless Curic to do the interview. I loved "A"'s reply to the asterisk comment.

Anonymous said...

stop bashing arod

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