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Monday, December 24, 2007

Yankees owe almost $24 million in luxury tax

From Ronald Blum:

The Yankees were hit with a tax bill of $23.88 million by Major League Baseball in a notice sent to teams late Friday, pushing them over the $100 million mark since the penalty for profligate spending was introduced in 2003.

The only other club that must pay the competitive-balance tax, as it is formally known, is the World Series champion Boston Red Sox, who owe $6.06 million.

Checks are due at the commissioner's office by Jan. 31. (Yahoo! News)

The Yankees owed $26 million after last season and almost $34 million after 2005. Since the luxury tax was put in place in 2003, the Yankees have paid over $121 million without winning a World Championship.

The tax threshold increases to $155 million next season. Even still, the Yankees will probably end up paying for a sixth-straight season. Hopefully the outcome is different on the field, however.


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