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Monday, January 7, 2008

Baseball America releases its report on the Yankees

The print version of Baseball America's report on the Yankees' farm system was released earlier, but the online version was put up today.

The Yankees' top 10 prospects are:

1. Joba Chamberlain
2. Austin Jackson
3. Jose Tabata
4. Ian Kennedy
5. Alan Horne
6. Jesus Montero
7. Jeff Marquez
8. Brett Gardner
9. Ross Ohlendorf
10. Andrew Brackman

I don't know how Brackman can be on there after having Tommy John surgery. If that's the case, Humberto Sanchez should be listed too. I also don't think Gardner is anything more than a fourth outfielder and a pinch runner on this team.


Andrea said...

Joba and Kennedy are really considered prospects still? Can they be prospects if they're in the majors? I get Ohlendorf since it's not a sure thing that he's in the majors, but I know Joba will be, and isn't Kennedy definitely as well?

Aren't they only prospects if they're in the minors?

Eh, what do I know?

Andrew Fletcher said...

They have to pitch 50 innings I believe. Joba and Kennedy are still eligible for ROY this year.

Andrea said...

I knew they were eligible for ROY. I guess that could mean they're eligible to be called prospects. Makes more sense.

Sometimes I should think before I ramble.

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