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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy birthday, Scott Proctor

As Mr. Anonymous informed me in my previous post, today, Jan. 2, is Scott Proctor's 31st birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. Proctor. Without you, this blog would not be possible, and I thank you for that.

Proctor, originally drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers, made his major-league debut with the Yankees in 2005 after coming to New York in the Robin Ventura trade in 2004. He then became one of Joe Torre's most-trusted relievers until he pitched just about everyday. He pitched in 102 1/3 innings (83 games) during the 2006 season. This is why many Yankee fans thought his arm would fall off, hence "Scott Proctor's Arm."

He was then traded back to the Dodgers at last year's trading deadline for Wilson Betemit, which was a blunder of a move. In 32 innings with the Dodgers last season, Proctor went 3-0 with a 3.38 ERA, striking out 27 and walking 15.

This is what I wrote the day he was traded:

Proctor will be missed here, and I wish him all the best in Los Angeles. I hope Grady Little will be a little more respectful of Proctor's arm. Knowing Little from 2003, it seems like he never likes to go to the bullpen.
Well, Little was fired after the season, and guess who will be managing Proctor. Yup, one Joseph Torre.

As always, I wish Mr. Proctor the best of luck in 2008 and beyond. And once again, happy birthday.


jay destro said...

proctor is a dead man... torre is seriously gonna kill him. scott, i hope your classes at florida state included some marketable skills in the business world.

Andrea said...


good luck, and godspeed, good man. You're gonna need it with the old skipper back.

You know he has nightmares, wakes up in a cold sweat and calls his agent, begging to be traded somewhere, anywhere.

Poor Scotty Proctor.

Marc said...

Happy Birthday, Proctor.

LA+Proctor+Torre=Disaster? (Time Will Tell).

charihar said...

Proctor should be okay in LA. They have Broxton and Saito so he's only another piece of the puzzle (whereas with the Yankees, he was the only piece we had at times).

Happy Bday to Scott P. I'll always love this blog's title, no matter where Proctor goes.


saucy said...

happy birthday scott

now just blow the candles out and don't start anything else on fire!

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