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Saturday, January 5, 2008

New poll: What are your thoughts on Hank Steinbrenner?

I have added a new poll to the right-hand side.

The question is fairly simple: what are your thoughts on Hank Steinbrenner?

Discuss your choice here.


Andrew V. said...

I voted "I can't get enough" because he is stupid. I like reading about stupid people for other baseball teams.

Greg C. said...

I can't stand him.

Mike D said...

I like him. He actually seems like a pretty decent person, unlike his father, he was a pain. He seems committed to winning, so no complaints. He should speak less, though, but if that's his worst sin, I can live with it.

Andrew V. said...

Can't stand ya.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I agree, Mike. However, if he keeps talking, he could accidentally tip his hand or something. He also should let his baseball people have more of an influence.

I too like the fact that he's so committed to winning.

Marc said...

He's just as good as his father.


Norman said...
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Norman said...

I'd like to see him quiet down and stop talking so much about the inner workings of the team.

But it's great that Big Stein had someone to hand the team over to. Compare for example how well the Red Sox are run now with an owner that cares, as to how they listlessly meandered under the Yawkey Trust. I'm glad the Yankees are avoiding that fate.

As long as Hank keeps showing the same committment to winning that his dad did, then I can forgive a lot.

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