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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Want to park at the new Stadium? Get ready to sell your kidney

You love Derek Jeter? Well, now you're helping pay for his parking costs, even though he has a $189 million contract.

From today's New York Daily News by Juan Gonzalez:

The Yankees and hundreds of their VIPs will get free valet parking for the next 40 years, courtesy of New York taxpayers.

The startling revelation of yet another subsidy for the richest team in baseball is buried deep in the fine print of a $237 million tax-exempt bond offering that city officials quietly issued the week before Christmas.

The documents say a $70 million state subsidy for parking improvements for the new Yankee Stadium (slated to open next year) has been earmarked for a new 660-car valet parking garage where virtually all the spaces will be reserved for the free, year-round use of the Yankees and their VIPs.

Also, the price of regular parking will increase by more than double. Gonzalez says that parking will be as high as $29 in 2010, when it was only $14 last year. He suggests it can go as high as $35 by 2014.

With the construction of the Metro North station and the Subway running behind the Stadium, there are plenty of options to get to the Stadium without driving - assuming you can even afford a ticket.

I can only imagine what those will cost.


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