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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 2 at Steinbrenner Field

Mike Mussina is starting to lighten up, as he is mentoring young pitchers Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy, according to Mark Feinsand.

Feinsand says that Mussina requested to have Hughes' locker moved next to Mussina and Kennedy. From Feinsand: “If I’m going to sit there and talk to Kennedy about pitching, it makes sense to have Hughes there, too,” Mussina said.

Good to see Mussina talking to the young pitchers. He has struggled in the last few years of his career, but he can still offer valuable advice to the young pitchers, especially Kennedy - he has been compared to Mussina in the past.

According to Peter Abraham, Jason Giambi has been working out since November. He has dropped a lot of weight and has been hitting nearly everyday, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Giambi is in the final year of his seven-year, $120 million deal, and he is in a competition for the first base/designated hitter job.

In other news, your favorite Yankee blog (this one) was mentioned in the Riverside (Ca.) Press-Enterprise. Diamond Leung did a feature on the namesake (Scott Proctor) and mentioned Scott Proctor's Arm in the lead. Thanks to Bubbafan for bringing this to my attention.


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