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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girardi is impressed by everyone

Add Jason Giambi to the list of players Joe Girardi has been impressed by in camp so far.

From Peter Abraham:

Watched Jason Giambi hit and he was going the other way or up the middle with everything. Joe Girardi said he has been impressed with how good Giambi has looked this spring. As he said, if Giambi proves he can play first base it gives the Yankees a lot more flexibility in terms of their roster and their lineup.
Giambi arrived in camp in great shape and is certainly trying to prove that he can handle being an everyday player.

If all of the first base candidates are playing up to their best, deciding who will start would be a good problem to have.


Andrea said...

Remember last year when Josh Phelps was the opening day 1B?

Yeah. I think 2008 will be better.

Even though I kinda liked Josh Phelps.

Rob D. said...

I'm still holding out hope for Morgan Ensberg regaining his old form, but that's largely because I've had an irrational like of him for years, even though I drafted him as my fantasy third baseman about 4 times and have only been rewarded for it once.

Here's hoping he works out better for the Yanks than he has for me.

Andrew Fletcher said...

He has had good years in the past, so hopefully he can relocate what made him a solid player with the Astros.

However, just like last season, I can't see someone running away with the starting first base job out of camp.

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