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Sunday, February 3, 2008


I'm well aware that this is a Yankee blog, but what has happened these last four games has been the most improbable thing I have witnessed in my 19 years. The New York Giants, the New York Giants, have defeated the 18-0 New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLII. If you told me in September that this would happen, I would've laughed in your face.

I have come on here, every Sunday in January, posting pictures of Eli Manning in a rather sarcastic manner. I never expected this man to lead us anywhere, but he came through.

The reporting date of pitchers and catchers is less than two weeks away, but I couldn't care less right now. I have witnessed four World Series titles in my life (even though I was rather young to fully appreciate what they meant), but I always thought a Super Bowl would be more special. I started crying, something I always imagined I would do if I somehow witnessed a championship.

My school is located roughly between New York City and Boston, so the split in team allegiances is quite evident. However, after the game, two of my roommates and I ran outside to join a huge celebration that was going out right outside our building. This is one of the most surreal experiences of my life and I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me to wake me up from this crazy dream.

Yankee fans should know this more than anyone else: Arizona is where dynasties go to die.

And, for one final time, bELIeve!



Anonymous said...

Take that Tiki Barber - there's no "I" in TEAM. Imagine - the Giants never won the Super Bowl while you were there and win it immediately after you leave. Congrats to Eli, Strahan and Armani. Goes to show what people can do if they believe in themselves and their team and have trust/faith in their teammates. Tiki looks pretty foolish now - doesn't he? You watched tremendous perserverence over the last four or five games. Thanks for sharing your feelings. You're experiencing the feelings of being a true fan. Enjoy it, no savor it. You never know how long it might take to experience it again.

Andrew V. said...



baseballfan4 said...


Please don't get creeped out when I say this. Considering I am a long-living resident of Connecticut. I know where Quinnipiac University is so I can imagine how you probably must of felt with the New York/Boston rivalry.

Anyway, I thought this was going nowhere because of all the adversity they went through with Tiki, Shockey, Eli's struggles, etc. Then all of the sudden a light switch turned on and this team just played like a playoff team in some regular season games including Week 17.

I mean the playoffs games were amazing but the Super Bowl clinched this run.
I was nervous like hell almost the whole game but when David Tyree made that circus catch and then Eli continued the drive with no timeouts in the 4th quarter. Wow, now imagine the quarterback Eli is going to be now.

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