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Saturday, March 8, 2008

And the results are in

The poll on the right has closed.

I asked, "Who will play the most games at first base this season?"

The responses were as follows:

Jason Giambi - 28 votes (44%)
Shelley Duncan - 24 votes (38%)
Wilson Betemit - 2 votes (3%)
Morgan Ensberg - 6 votes (9%)
Other - 3 votes (4%)

I voted for Giambi. I feel that if he's healthy and is producing a decent amount, he will spend the majority of the time at first base. He hits much better when he's playing first (granted, much of that production was with Oakland while under the influence) but his defensive is suspect.

Duncan has had a hot spring so far, and I believe that he has a roster spot locked up. It helps that he can play the outfield as well. The amount of playing time Duncan has will obviously depend on his production. Betemit should be on the roster as a backup infielder, leaving Ensberg the odd-man out unless he has a spectacular spring.

It'll be interesting to see how Joe Girardi handles this.

Those who voted for "other," whom do you suggest?


Andrew V. said...

ARod to first.

Or Phil Phranchise on his off days.

Andrea said...

I was wondering that myself. I vote Pavano to play first base. The actual base. Roll him up.

Greg Cohen said...

When it's all said and done it will be a platoon between Giambi and Duncan.Giambi vs. righties, Duncan vs. lefties.

Reverend JR Davis said...

I've just gotta get this off my chest... I've been rooting against Ensberg all spring for the sole reason that I am not at all comfortable with him wearing Paulie O'Neill's number. This is a historic, dynastic Yankee who deserves recognition in monument park and to be the last to wear that number in Yankee Stadium.

That being said, I believe a rotation of Giambi and Duncan at first will provide a ton of production this season. I voted for Giambi.

Andrea said...

21 could still be retired. People wore #3 after Babe Ruth. #8 was worn after Yogi (obviously, or it wouldn't be retired twice). Nettles wore #9 after Maris (as well as, I'm sure, many others). There's still the very good chance for them to retire Paulie's number. And I sure hope they do.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Monument Park is getting rather crowded, don't you think?

Paul was a terrific player for the Yankees, but I don't think he's Monument Park-worthy.

Andrew V. said...

I think.

Andrew Fletcher said...

, therefore you are.

Andrew V. said...

I am?

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