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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Duncan decides to appeal suspension

Shelley Duncan will appeal his three-game suspension, according to Tyler Kepner.

“The one thing I’d really like to do is I’d like to speak to Bob Watson and really tell him what happened, through my eyes,” Duncan said after speaking with his agent, Barry Meister.

“I feel like that’s been neglected in this process. It’s not like I did something that just came out of nowhere. People who know me and people I’ve played with know how I play, and they’re going to understand that.”

The appeal will most likely be held before the season starts, so Duncan would still miss regular season time even if the suspension is lowered.

Melky Cabrera will most likely appeal as well.


Yankee said...

I don't see Shelley's suspension being changed, but I think Melky's will. I really think Gomes should have gotten a longer suspension because he was the one who tackled a player which led to the benches being cleared.

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