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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fan fight

We don't condone fighting here at Scott Proctor's Arm, but fan fights are always fun to watch. Via Deadspin, here is the latest Yankee/Red Sox fan fight to hit the Internet.


Greg Cohen said...

I was at that game and saw that fight from a distance. Just brutal. I wish it had been the Sox fan that got thrown over the rail. He did take a couple nice shots to the head before throwing the younger fan over the rail.

I wonder who started it.

Dan LaTorraca said...

Wow, that was awful. Can you imagine that was one of your friends or siblings-hell even your grandfather?

I hate zealots and uber-fans. Why can't people just appreciate the game and make rivalry a fun experience.

That being said-I love kung-fu movies.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Yeah, seriously. It's just a baseball game.

Remember that story of the Yankee fan getting beat up in Cambridge? That's just ridiculous.

Dan LaTorraca said...

As ridiculous as my tiger and crane fist?

Andrea said...

Why did that guy take his shirt off?

Andrew Fletcher said...

Who knows. He's obviously an idiot.

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