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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Game 9: Yankees lose 4-0

This offense flat-out stinks. 25 runs in nine games? Getting shut out by the likes of Zack Greinke?

I'm too disgusted to dissect this game.


Betty the Exotic Dancer said...

I think somebody should tell G.I. Joe to bring back ice cream and candy. Maybe that will help.

Mattingly23 said...

It's tough to watch, but Zach Greinke is the goods. He just had to get his mental issues ironed out.

Anonymous said...

bats slump, that's why everyone is always regurgitating the line that good pitching beats good hitting; just look at the tigers 0-7 start. You might want to baseballcube or wiki greinke though, he's Kansas' version of Jeff Francis, top prospect, lots of potential but up and down and in greinke's case, a bit of a headcase, still not a shocker he had a good outing vs a slumping team.

things will come around

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