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Friday, May 23, 2008

Girardi suspended

Manager Joe Girardi has been suspended one game as a result of last night's tirade, according to WFAN.

Girardi kicked dirt on umpire Chris Guccione, and apparently that was enough to warrant a suspension.

If memory serves me correctly, managers cannot appeal their suspensions, so Girardi will serve it tonight.

This is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Bob Watson really seems to have it out for the Yankees.


raven said...

When it comes to classic ejection, Joe has a lot to learn from Yadier the Great Stripper Molina.


And I believe the MLB really hates the Yankees.

Andrew Fletcher said...

That was a great one. Yet he was only fined. Watson definitely harbors some negative feelings towards the Yankees.

Raven said...

The MLB must be full of nuts and Yankee haters to even think of letting David Ortiz try to hit a home run to a designated spot at Yankee Stadium during the home run derby.
That is absolutely disgusting!

Andrew Fletcher said...

They must've had fun with that in the MLB offices. What a disgrace.

Chief Rob said...

Bob Watson is an assclown. I hope he has a heart attack. And while on the way to the hospital, the ambulance gets into a horrific accident slamming into a Hess truck. Then he'll burn to death nice and slowly.

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