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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Joba's transition has begun

Why would Joba Chamberlain throw two innings and 35 pitches in an 8-0 game? Because tonight was the first night of his transition into the starting rotation.

This move obviously makes sense. While watching Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy struggle, many Yankee fans noticed that their best pitcher was just sitting in the bullpen twittering his thumbs.

Chamberlain is on a 150 innings-limit this season, and he probably would not reach that total if he spent the entire season as the eight inning guy. As a result, his innings would be limited next year, setting him back a year in his development.

He will also not have to go to the minors during this process as previously thought.

The question now is who will take his place in the eighth inning? Kyle Farnsworth has shown signs of reliability, but he has also shown signs of...well...Kyle Farnsworth. Either the Yankees will promote in-house (J.B. Cox and Mark Melancon) or they will make a trade.

It's a risk to take Chamberlain out of the eighth inning, but it's definitely one worth taking. Six or seven innings is much more valuable than one inning is in the long run.


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