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Friday, May 23, 2008

Just what we needed

If the Yankees go on to make the playoffs, remember to look back at this series against the Baltimore Orioles as the point in which the season turned for the better.

Last night, the offense showed up, scoring eight runs while shutting out the Orioles.

Tonight, Ian Kennedy finally pitched well and the Yankees were able to survive the later innings without Joba Chamberlain as the bridge to Mariano Rivera. The bullpen obviously won't always pitch as well as it did tonight, but this was a positive.

Joe Girardi finally exploded in a Billy Martin/Lou Piniella-esque fit of emotion. The beginning to the season has been frustrating to the players and management alike, so you cannot fault Girardi for wanting to blow off some steam. Girardi also pointed to right-center field, possibly referring to the blow call last night.

Robinson Cano delivered with the clutch, two-out walk-off single in the ninth inning to propel the Yankees to their first series win since sweeping Seattle at the beginning of the month.

Last year Piniella fired up his Cubs when he had one of his fits. Maybe that is what went through Girardi's head tonight. He fired up both his team and the fans.

A win like this was desperately needed. The Mariners limp back to Yankee Stadium after getting swept at the hands of the Detroit Tigers. The three-game series will begin tomorrow night.

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)


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If only Willie would do this...

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