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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wang fine

The reason why the trainers and manager Joe Girardi ran out to the mound was because Chien-Ming Wang had developed cramps in his hand, according to Peter Abraham. He was done after six innings and 90 pitches.

The trainers later applied heat and the pain went away.

Wang is now 6-0 with a 3.00 ERA in seven starts this season. His only no-decision was the 15-9 victory over the Boston Red Sox on April 16 when he only made it through four innings. This means that the Yankees are 7-0 in Wang's starts. On the other hand, the Yankees are 2-10 when Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy start. Overall, the Yankees are 15-16 on the season.

Again, I've noticed the influx of Taiwanese readers after Wang's start, so I welcome you all.


raven said...

Do you know that "wang" means "king" in Chinese?

Solitude said...

don't forget about Andy Pettite. I think they're both great pitchers for the team.

Artemis said...

And Moose too.

Taiwan Leo said...

Ni Hao

Solitude said...

Lol to Taiwan Leo.
Oh yes, definitely Moose is standing out this year. I hope he continues because it's pretty much the best 3 SP we have left. I do look forward for Joba to be a SP. But it doesn't seem like he will soon enough...

Andrew Fletcher said...

Moose has certainly been a surprise so far, and Pettitte is always one to count on.

Hopefully Rasner can add something to the rotation. He obviously won't be a Chien-Ming Wang, but if he can give us innings, he'll be useful.

raven said...

"...the Yanks' trainer and manager are examining the hand of the team's undefeated ace . . . while all around the Stadium, people are having a jolly old time immersing themselves in the Wave."

This is hilarious!


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