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Monday, June 23, 2008

Farnsworth stitched up, mad at fans

Kyle Farnsworth and the battered Yankees' bullpen escaped a major injury, as the right-hander did not seriously injure his hand. He only needed three stitches to close up a cut.

However, according to the Star-Ledger's David Waldstein, Farnsworth was not enamored with the Yankees fans cheering Ken Griffey Jr.'s home run in the eighth inning.

I wasn't either.

Farnsworth is still booed when the Yankee Stadium scoreboard announces that he is warming up and later enters the game. He is still booed when he gives up a two-out single.

When he had to leave the game due to injury, I believe I heard a mixed reaction. The boos were probably because they don't like him, and the cheer were probably because he was leaving the game with what could have very well been a crushing injury.

With the bullpen the way it is, the Yankees can't afford to lose anyone. The Yankees got lucky here, and hopefully Farnsworth will cut down on his home runs allowed total.

I used to wonder why Farnsworth's home/away splits were so eye-popping. Now I'm beginning to realize why.


Anonymous said...

Forget about Farnsworth, lets just keep playing right baseball in New York....gosh!!! Lets get our NY Sports up and not down, we need to improve on that. Especially, because I hate the Boston Red Sox and that little baby redsox fan, who took his middle finger to the Yankees.

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