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Monday, June 30, 2008

Gardner called up

According to the Times and Democrat from somewhere in South Carolina (via Greg), the Yankees have called up Brett Gardner.

Just talk to Brett Gardner. Because, Sunday afternoon, Gardner’s big-league dream came true when Scranton/Wilkes-Barre manager Dave Miley called him into his office and informed him that he had been called up to the team’s parent club, the New York Yankees.

“It really hasn’t set in yet,” Gardner said as his team traveled back from it’s game against Buffalo. “Absolutely, it’s a dream come true. Growing up as a little kid, you get older, and you realize how far away it is. It really hasn’t set in yet, but I think (Monday) when I get there it will definitely happen.”
It's amazing. The one day I have to fall asleep early to wake up early, this news breaks overnight.

I like this move. We haven't seen much from Justin Christian, but it's becoming clear as to why he's 28 and was in the Independent leagues.

Gardner, a center fielder by trade, is batting .287/.412/.429 with three home runs and 29 RBI for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. He has 61 walks and 34 stolen bases (eight caught stealings). He can step in right away and play left field, allowing Johnny Damon to DH with Hideki Matsui on the disabled list. Or, he can force Melky Cabrera to play better to keep his position, because while he has plays solid defense, .246/.312/.354 just isn't cutting it.

The corresponding move hasn't been announced yet (it's only 7:45), however I'd expect it to be Christian.


Fashion Leo said...

I like their hats.

Anonymous said...

how does this prove anything about Christian being in the indy leagues? The fact that he made it all the way to the majors proved that he was obviously better than that and deserved to be drafted. Plenty of 1st round picks don't make the major leagues. What does that prove?

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