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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pettitte helps Yanks avoid sweep

Since giving up 10 earned runs against Kansas City earlier this month (in 6 2/3 innings), Andy Pettitte has won his next three starts. In those 21 innings, he has allowed only one earned run.

The victory prevented a sweep at the hands of the Cincinnati Reds and snapped the brief two-game losing streak.

Pettitte could have gone longer, but a rain delay cut his start short. He was relieved by Edwar Ramirez, who pitched a perfect inning. Kyle Farnsworth came in for the eighth and gave up a home run before leaving the game after trying to barehand a comebacker. It appeared as if he was cut on the hand.

Jason Giambi was the hitting star, going 3-3 with two RBI and a double. Jorge Posada and Bobby Abreu also had multi-hit games.

After an off-day tomorrow, the Yankees will begin a three-game series in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)


Andrew said...

10 ER, ouch. That must sting a little as a pitcher.

And to have a start cut short by rain must really tick him off. Glad he had a good start, though. I hate to see pitchers have unnecessary bad luck.

Question: do you think New York will be big players in the C.C. Sabbathia sweepstakes?

Andrew Fletcher said...

I don't think so. It would be the same situation as the Santana sweepstakes from this offseason, and the Yankees would look like hypocrites. Personally, I've always liked Santana more than I like Sabathia, and I was against the trade for Santana.

They can either keep throwing in-house options and the wall and see who sticks or go after a lower-tier starter to fill Wang's gap.

Andrew said...

Very true. If your future is in the minors, why tear it up for a pitcher who may not even develop?

Andrew Fletcher said...

Totally agree. I wouldn't be opposed to trading someone like Melky or maybe even Cano if the right deal came along.

Anonymous said...

This conversation and blog sucks mightily.

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