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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Melky is brutal

For someone playing as terribly as Melky Cabrera is, you HAVE to get the bunt down with runners on first and second with no outs in the fifth inning.

Instead, Cabrera struck out swinging - his third such strikeout of the game - on a pitch out of the zone. He is so lost right now.

It would have been great to see Johnny Damon paired with Brett Gardner in the outfield. Instead, they're stuck with Cabrera and his undisciplined bat.

Meanwhile, our captain, the immortal Derek Jeter, just grounded into his 13th double play. Yes, the two-run double was nice, but insurance would have been great as well.


Interested Reader said...

No offense, “Andrew” but you won’t even use your real first name on the information you provide. Yet you are presented as some sort of expert.

What credentials do you have?

Frankie said...

this is a blog not a news paper or CNN. he does not need credentials, no one is paying to read this. he is a fan, that is really all that matters. actually even if he hated the yanks, he could still write here. welcome to the internet sir.

Chris said...

Sounds like Cabrera wrote the comment himself...hmmm maybe "interested reader" is really Melky doing a self PR pitch.

Rob Mejia said...

The "Interested Reader" thing is shot at Peter Abraham. He posted the exact same thing on NoMaas (exchange "Andrew" with "Lane Meyer"). The guys at NoMaas did an IP check and it turned out Interested Reader was Peter Abraham making a fool of himself.

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