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Friday, July 25, 2008

Nady and Marte for Tabata, Ohlendorf and two minor league pitchers

It's now being reported that the Yankees have traded Jose Tabata, Ross Ohlendorf, Phil Coke and George Kontos for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte. The Yankees haven't confirmed this and physicals need to be taken, but Nady was pulled from the Pittsburgh lineup, and Coke was pulled from his scheduled start tonight.

What the Yankees gave up

Tabata has been a highly-touted prospect since being signed a few years ago (I'm actually older than him by a couple of weeks), but he's had some behavioral issues and has been on the disabled list with a wrist injury since the beginning of the month. He has a .630 OPS in 294 at-bats with Double-A Trenton.

I've liked Ohlendorf since the Yankees acquired him in the Randy Johnson trade, but if the Yankees could get Nady and Marte without giving up players like Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy (for now) or Austin Jackson, they had to pull the trigger. Ohlendorf recently began starting again, and now it looks as if it were simply to showcase him.

I don't know much about Coke or Kontos. Coke is a 26-year-old lefty who was having a solid season for Double-A Trenton. He was recently called up to Triple-A. He struck out 109 batters while walking 38 in 114 1/3 innings for Trenton. Kontos is a 23-year-old righty. Pitching for Trenton, he posted a 3.77 ERA in 20 starts, striking out 103 and walking 43.

What the Yankees got

Nady, the Pirates' starting right fielder, is having a great year. He is batting .330 with 13 home runs and 57 RBI. He also has a .919 OPS. He's never had more than 431 at-bats in a season (he is already up to 327), so that is a bit of a concern. However, he provides the Yankees a solid right-handed bat from the corner outfield spot and force Brett Gardner back to the minors.

Marte wasn't as much of a need as some would lead you to believe. Historically, lefties don't hit well against him (.198 BAA vs. .241), but this season, lefties are hitting him at a .255 clip. Righties, on the other hand, are hitting .200 against him this season. If he can regain his dominance against lefties, he'd be a solid addition to this Yankees bullpen. Other numbers this season: he has struck out 47 batters in 46 2/3 innings while walking 16. He has allowed four home runs and 38 hits.

Tentative lineup

C: Jose Molina
1B: Jason Giambi
2B: Robinson Cano
3B: Alex Rodriguez
SS: Derek Jeter
LF: Xavier Nady
CF: Melky Cabrera
RF: Bobby Abreu
DH: Johnny Damon

This trade probably signals the end of Hideki Matsui's and Jorge Posada's respective seasons.


Nady has $3.35 million due to him this season, a contract he signed during the off-season to avoid arbitration. Marte has a $6 million club option for 2009. He signed a two-year, $4.7 million extension in November 2006.


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justin chistian will be going down not gardner

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