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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Posada is killing this team

Teams are beginning to run marathons on Jorge Posada's right arm, and rightfully so.

Since coming off of the disabled list, he has been unable to unleash crisp throws to second base and threw to the foul side of third base in the ninth inning tonight. A good throw probably would have had Ian Kinsler.

Posada's offense hasn't exactly made up for his poor defense, either. He is 19-for-67 with two home runs and nine RBI since returning on June 5.

It's a shame that Jose Molina and Chad Moeller can't replace Posada's offensive potential, because I'd be in favor of either of them start behind the plate if they could hit.

Hopefully Posada's scheduled off-season surgery will correct whatever probably he has, but if the Yankees have three more years of this (and he still wants to catch), there will be problems.

Speaking of killing this team, Melky Cabrera needs to be benched or sent packing. He is absolutely lost right now. Why wasn't he bunting in that spot? Brett Gardner bunted in the first inning and Posada inexplicably bunted a ball foul later in the game. Yet Cabrera, who has been terrible since May, doesn't bunt there?


Greg Cohen said...
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Greg Cohen said...

I agree completely. I agree about Posada as well as the lack of a bunt in the 9th. Had they played as they should have, and won the last two games they'd be 3 games behind the Red Sox right now in the Wild Card.

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