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Friday, August 8, 2008

Kennedy makes Yankees fans look stupid

Wow, what a gutless performance by Ian Kennedy.

Instead of making opposing hitters look stupid, Kennedy made Yankees fans and the front office look stupid by believing he can contribute.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Ian's performance this year at the MLB level has been very difficult to watch, but I think it's still much too early to give up on him.

And if this game pissed you off, I'm guessing that you won't be too happy for the next couple of weeks as guys like Giese/Ponson/Kennedy get the ball 60% of the time. The team ERA is going to go through the roof. Phil can't get here soon enough. And dare I say...Pavano...nah, just kidding. Carl Pavano is still useless.

raven said...

Ian Kennedy really needs to learn how to pitch like the Mighty Moose. Even Sir Sidney can teach him how to pitch himself out of trouble.

Anonymous said...

I disagree raven.

1) Ian Kennedy needs to pitch more like Ian Kennedy, not Mike Mussina. People need to stop the whole "Ian Kennedy is a younger version of Mussina" stuff. The dude just needs to be himself.

2) Sidney Ponson doesn't know how to pitch out of trouble. Sure, he has fared well thus far in 2008. But look at his career numbers in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. This guy puts batters on base at an alarming rate, and they usually score quite often. This is because Sidney Ponson is a terrible pitcher. Expect a big correction to his relatively low ERA sooner rather than later.

3) Ian Kennedy has only made 12 starts in his MLB career. That is not certainly enough time to label him a bust. Although obviously he hasn't shown any signs of progress this year. But still it's only 12 starts in his career. Take a deep breath and have some more patience with the guy.

raven said...

My dear friend, maybe this Kennedy is the real Kennedy. What we saw last season might be but an Illusion. He has a lot to prove before he wins my trust.
And no, he's no Mike Mussina. Moose is much, much better than he is.

Anonymous said...

"And no, he's no Mike Mussina. Moose is much, much better than he is."

What an irrelevant thing to say. Of course Mike Mussina is better than Ian kennedy. Mussina has been pitching for close to two decades. kennedy is a rookie with only a handful of starts at this level. Mussina should darn well be a lot better than him. To expect Kennedy to be as good as Mussina is ridiculous.

What's not ridiculous is to expect Kennedy to be much better than what he has been though so far. I was hoping he could be close to league average this year, but so far he has been a disaster.

Anonymous said...

This was not a fun game, to say the least! Kennedy got lit up early and ended the ball game before the Yankees could do anything cool.

Maybe he will be the future of the rotation some day; he just needs a lot more experience in the majors. But the last thing I want to see is Cashman give Kennedy away only to become a superstar and beating the Yankees in some crucial playoff game. At the same time, maybe Kennedy is just a glorified AAA pitcher that just can't make it beyond that.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Good discussion going. Maybe it's a little too early to give up on him, but his performance in the minors compared to the majors is flat-out alarming. It really makes me wonder what the Yankees saw in him.

raven said...

And he really needs to learn to speak to the media like Dandy Andy.

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