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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Sunday, September 14, 2008

From the "too little, too late" department

From Peter Abraham:

Joe Girardi pulled Robinson Cano out of the game today in the fifth inning after his latest half-speed effort in the field.

“Your job is to play hard,” said Girardi, who indicated that Cano might not be in the lineup tomorrow against the White Sox.
Too bad this didn't come when it mattered.

Also from the same department: This afternoon, Alex Rodriguez had his fourth game with at least three RBI this month. Derek Jeter is 48-for-119 in his last 29 games played. But he tied Lou Gehrig for the most hits in Yankee Stadium, so I guess that's something nice. He'll have seven games to try and pass him.

Again, too bad this didn't come when it mattered.


Anonymous said...

"Again, too bad this didn't come when it mattered."

I think a more appropriate criticism might be: too bad the Yankees wasted two thousand plate appearances this year on Melky, Cano, Molina, and the entire bench. The last Yankee team to give even close to that many plate appearances to way below average hitters was the 1991 team. Not surprisingly, the offense has struggled this year as a result of so many automatic outs in the lineup. Sure, it would have been nice if Alex of Jason hit better in the clutch this year or if Jeter didn't have so many double play outs, but ultimately, the most critical reason for the offensive struggles is the wasted 2000 plate appearances on the aforementioned hitters. A lot of the Yankee team struggles with RISP are also strongly related to these wasted 2000 plate appearances.

That is way too many plate appearances to just throw away like that, especially when the pitching staff has guys like Ponson/Rasner/Igawa/Hughes/Kennedy starting 50 games this year with completely terrible overall results.

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