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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Discussion: What to do with Abreu?

With Bobby Abreu's 10th inning grand slam last night, he reached 20 home runs and is one RBI short of 100. If he gets to 100 RBI, that would give him six consecutive seasons of reaching that mark. At the age of 34, that is wonderful production.

But is it enough to bring him back next season?

As we all know, Abreu is terrible in right field. When Yankees fans were allowed on the field on Sunday, I read some people joking about how they got closer to the wall than Abreu ever has. While hyperbole, there is some truth to that statement.

Abreu made $16 million this season, and with his numbers this season, he'll most likely try to get a similar, multi-year contract this off-season. While his numbers are solid, he's never seemed to take the team on his back and lead them to victories.

Do you give Abreu a two-year contract? Do you sign Manny Ramirez and move Xavier Nady to right field? Let's hear it in the comments.

Personally, I'd love Ramirez in this lineup assuming he'd want to come to New York. His half-season in Los Angeles has seemed to revitalize him and he would be dangerous hitter near Alex Rodriguez. To save money, I wouldn't mind Brett Gardner starting in center with Johnny Damon if left (he'd need to learn how to hit a the big league level), but you know the Yankees will try to make the big splash.

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Jai said...

As much as Manny gets on my nerves. He is an awesome hitter, I wouldn't mind him at all. I'm in total agrreancez with you. But Manny just has to remove those gross dreads.

brad said...

Abreu is a tough call for sure. The numbers are what they are and he has good consistency throughout the season. Something I wish A-Rod had. Still 16 million for for 3 years would be steep. It would take a lot for me to get past the idea of Manny in pinstripes but I have to admit I like Nady in right and Manny in left. The you have a real 3/4 hitter combo. Takes a lot of pressure off the other parts of the offense.

Chris said...

Sign Manny, keep Abreu and move him to first, anyone ever thought of that option? He can't be any worse defensively than Giambi, and he's a way better hitter than Juan Miranda...

Andrew Fletcher said...

Manny would definitely take some getting used to, but you can't argue with his production when he's happy and motivated. A large contract and a chance to play where he grew up should be enough motivation.

Abreu at first is intriguing, Chris, especially because there aren't that many options out there besides Teixeira.

kongon said...

Abreu puts up really good numbers and hits in the clutch when needed. It's his aversion to padded walls that leaves something left to be desired. I dunno. Make him a DH? The Yankees are already stocked with OF players: Nady, Matsui, Damon, etc. Abreu would be an expensive re-signing.

There was this running joke about how more fans on last day at the Stadium made more contact with the outfield walls (during the tours) than Abreu did in his entire career in pinstripes.

Anonymous said...

Jai, Manny has already pretty much gotten rid of the dreads.


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