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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Abreu files for free agency

Bobby Abreu field for free agency today, according to Ed Price.

Abreu, who made $16 million last year, hit .296/.371/.471 with 20 home runs and 100 RBI last season. With those numbers, he'll probably look for similar money.

"We just haven't heard anything," agent Peter Greenberg said. "All things being equal, I'm sure the Yankees would be his preference. But he's got to maximize his value. He'd like to get a long-term deal somewhere."
He will also turn 35 during spring training. If the Yankees aren't interested in Manny Ramirez, I'd look to sign Abreu to nothing longer than a two-year deal.

The Yankees will have a 15-day period of exclusive negotiation with Abreu.


Andrew Vazzano said...

He has a fat face.

Mark M. said...

Well. He does have a fat face.

But honestly, I think the Yankees need to push to bring him back.

The guy is rock solid, year in year out.

http://janeheller.mlblogs.com said...

And I don't want Manny.

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