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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heyman on Sabathia: Yanks to go 'all-in'

More good news on the CC Sabathia front, if you believe SI's Jon Heyman (via MLB Trade Rumors).

The Yankees are going all in for Sabathia, according to people familiar with their thinking, so if he means what he says, he can expect an attractive offer. Sabathia said he believes his great time in Milwaukee proved to him that he'd enjoy playing in most, if not all, places.

He's become "more open-minded,'' said a person close to Sabathia, meaning he'll consider places outside his native California. Which would also seem to suggest he's more willing to consider the Yankees.

Heyman also specifically mentions the Angels, Dodgers, Mets and Giants as other possible players in Sabathiapalooza.


raven said...

Yankees fans, let's show some love for our Big G.
What's better to do when there's no baseball on TV?
Vote for the Big G.
Vote for the 'Stache.
It's not right if not even one Yankee can walk home with a trophy this offseason.
I don't know why the Angels bother to fight for CC.
Even if they get him, they will lose to the Red Sox anyway.

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