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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Melky et al. for Cameron?

According to The Post's Joel Sherman and George King, the Brewers could be interested in trading CF Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera. The Brewers have asked around as to why Cabrera was so awful last year, and the Yankees would be willing to trade him and pitching for the Brewers' outfielder.

The writers suggest that Wilson Betemit could also be involved, but don't name a potential pitcher. Cameron's $10 million option was picked up by the Brewers earlier this week.

Cameron, a three-time Gold Glove winner in center field, would help shore up the Yankees defense. However, he is a strikeout machine - think Adam Dunn with half the amount of walks, and thus, a much lower OPS. He batted .243/.331/.477 in 508 plate appearances last season.

If the trade is Cabrera, Betemit and a mediocre pitcher, I'd have to do the trade, simply because getting anything back for Cabrera at this point would be a victory. However, the Brewers need pitching, and I'm not sure they'd accept a mediocre pitcher in return.


Anonymous said...

to be honest, me + baseball = broken bat, broken window, broken mailbox, broken face, etc. I'm the soccer type. my friend just dared me to tell you you're hot, so...well, you're hot..........yep

http://janeheller.mlblogs.com said...

I'd rather try Brett Gardner in CF. He could steal 50 bases!

Andrew Vazzano said...


Andrew Fletcher said...


Gardner would certainly be a cheaper option, but I'm still not convinced he can hit at the major-league level.

At least he'd take more pitches than Cameron would.

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