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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cameron trade talks off

Kat O'Brien from Newsday spoke to Brewers GM Doug Melvin about the Mike Cameron trade talks. He didn't seem too optimistic about getting something done.

"Nothing new. At this point, I don't anticipate it's something that we would (do). ... I haven't talked to Brian (Cashman) since last week."

Melvin said they had originally looked at moving Cameron to gain some flexibility on the pitching front but that is no longer such a need.

Said Melvin: "I like Mike Cameron a lot. He means a lot in our clubhouse. He's a very positive presence. He's a good player. He's played on a lot of playoff teams -- maybe more than anybody. He's got a lot of intangibles. (A trade is) not something that we're pushing at this time."
Good think I didn't make a hat for Cameron yet.

The Yankees have devoted much of their time since the Winter Meetings to finalizing the contracts of their pitching acquisitions. They have also been making a push for Manny Ramirez's services. It's not surprising Brian Cashman hasn't talked to Melvin in a week.


Anonymous said...

I smell something on the stove, but don't know what it is. Is that a Manny stew or a surprise roast? This team is far from being finalized. Damon to center, Manny to right and Matsui traded for financial reasons? Talk to me Andrew.....

Andrew Fletcher said...

If anything, it would be Manny in left, Damon in center and Nady in right. They could even trade Nady because he's one of the cheapest commodities they have. I'm not sure what Cashman has up his sleeve when it comes to improving the offense, but I'm sure he has some ideas.

Anonymous said...

Joe says.....
Oh, what the hell, sign Teixeira and sell some horses George!

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