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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CC afraid of media because of Sox influence?

Bill Madden has an article up this morning, saying CC Sabathia has media concerns, possibly brought on as a result of his meeting with the Boston Red Sox.

According to sources close to Sabathia, he has grave concerns about the media scrutiny in New York and the possible effects it would have on his family. Monday, at the request of his agent, Greg Genske, Sabathia met with the Red Sox, where, purportedly, the Yankees and New York wound up becoming a prime topic of conversation. The Red Sox have no interest in signing Sabathia, but according to a source, they were more than willing to discourage him about the pitfalls of pitching in New York. Remember, Sabathia has pitched his whole career in Cleveland and Milwaukee. It was with this in mind that Yankees GM Brian Cashman enlisted Reggie Jackson to sit in on the meeting with Sabathia and Genske on Sunday, before Cashman handled Monday's meeting solo.
As bad a that sounds, it doesn't really surprise me. I'm sure the man who coined the term "Evil Empire," Larry Lucchino, was there, spewing everything negative about New York. If I were Sabathia, I'd take everything the Red Sox say about New York with a grain of salt. It's obvious what their intentions are.


She-Fan said...

Oh, like the Boston media is so forgiving? Pul-eeze. That story makes me nuts.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Yeah, seriously. Yet it doesn't surprise me.

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